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Working in international teams, bei Ulm
Eine Teinehmerin schreibt:
Karin’s seminar on intercultural skills is certainly one of the best examples of how training should be:
relevant, insightful, densely packed with up-to-date information and at the same time great fun.
I recently attended her seminar and with her enthusiastic way she very quickly got me totally engaged
in the subject and without noticing, time just flew.
A truly enjoyable and excellent experience!


International Pharmaceutical Forum, London
Annette Hein, Denmark, writes:
You are a brilliant speaker!!!




Presentation Skills for cross-cultural Business, Dordrecht, Netherlands
A participant from New York writes:
Very enthusiastic and engaging style; kept the course interesting and stimultating;
I liked the individual attention and suggestions; highly recommended!



How to handle Cultural Differences successfully, Leiderdorp, Netherlands
Sigrid Rijgersberg writes:
After attending 2 of Karin's seminars
(in the UK and in the Netherlands),
I was immediately impressed with the energetic manner in which she presents her seminar.
Definitely, never a dull moment!!! 

She grabs your attention and holds it successfully throughout the entire course...
You can definitely learn something from this lady!



Presentation Skills for cross-cultural Business, Dordrecht
A participant from New York writes: excellent course; can't think what could be improved.



Business English, Mailand
A participant from Vallesella, Italy, writes:
It was a real pleasure to have met you.
I enjoy and share the useful information you gave me with my friends and colleagues.
I do hope to have the opportunity to attend the follow-up of your seminar next year.
Thank you again and all the best.


Presentation Skills for Women in Executive Positions, Heidelberg
A participant from Düsseldorf writes:
Karin, you have done a perfect job, thank you for the wonderful seminar.
You are such an encouraging person: In daily business life there is never time for a feedback
and I realize how much more confident I feel since the seminar.
This is even true with regard to any ordinary conversation in English (without stage) -
I suddenly enjoy it. Thank you again, Marion.



Business English, Tourin, Italy 
Eva Pinzella writes:
Dear Karin, after the 3 days seminar in Tourin my working approach has completely
changed and my work is much more fun and more interesting.
Now I don't get upset anymore because now I know how to handle difficult situations.
Thank you, Karin, for your incredible knowledge of the international business world
and your personal touch in sharing it with us.
See you next seminar! Bye-bye, Salut, Tschus, Ciao Eva.



International Correspondence Workshop, London
Filomena Guglielmo writes:

Exciting way of presenting things. Involves people. Speaks very clearly.



International Conference, Strasbourg
A Russian participant writes:
Very interesting and useful for international cooperation, knowledge and information.


International Pharmaceutical Forum, London
Sharon Rindley writes:
Your lecture on international cultural differences was very nice!
Excellent, energetic presentation. Good audience participation.



Commercial Correspondence, Frankfurt
Gaby Hoffmann from Stuttgart writes:
Dear Karin, Thank you for the excellent seminar last week. I really enjoyed it.
I am very motivated. All the best, Gaby.



How to handle Cultural Differences successfully, Leiderdorp, Netherlands
A Dutch participant writes:
Dear Karin, thank you for a most informative seminar.
It is very useful to be active during the seminar and to participate. Met Dank!



Presentation Skills for Women in Executive Positions, Heidelberg
Elisabeth from Vienna writes:
Hallo Karin, I really enjoyed your seminar very much.
Here are some glimpses on my days immediately after your seminar:
On Monday I attended an expert conference. I was a member of the "lucky" audience.
The conference was a "Lehrstück" for the dont's in presentations:
There was the speaker who talked only to the left side of the audience
and the one who talked only to his papers;
one exceeded his time limit by 100%; one read out loud one of his articles;
some could not handle their presentation equipment, and finally there was the lecturer who had a slide reading "Good News: ...." and looked very serious. (no joke!)
Obviously it's not very fair to attend such a conference immediately after your presentation training!
Hope to meet you again at some seminar in the future, Kind regards, Elisabeth.



International Pharmaceutical Forum, London
Barbara Abbott writes:
Delightful, in every way!

Interkulturelle Kompetenz,
Karin's trainings are not only highly professional and valuable,
they are also very vivid and are staying in mind.
She trained a group of very different department managers and was able
to adopt to their individual needs and questions.
For me personally it was the best preparation for my upcoming move to the US and Canada.
If you are interested to prepare yourself in a globalized environment - subscribe to her trainings.
I attended two more cultural trainings afterwards, but not at all comparable with hers.
Elke Helck


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